The following are the most important from more than 200 accreditations, certifications and approvals (notifications) from SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS GmbH

Status: 1 November 2004


Accreditation as a test laboratory according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 from DAP GmbH (Registration No.: DAP-PA-2566.99) for physical, physicochemical, chemical, biochemical, organoleptic, biological, microbiological, ecotoxicological and trace analytical examinations of water, drinking water according to the German drinking water regulations, mineral water, healing water, ground water, surface water, seawater, rainwater, waste water, landfill leachate, swimming pool water and technical waters, sludge, sediments, waste, recycling substances, compost, soil, contaminated soils, dust, ash, slag, landfill gas, soil air, indoor airborne contaminants and food; determination (sampling and analysis) of inorganic and organic gaseous and particulate air constituents at the workplace according to the German regulations on dangerous substances and interior measurement; proof of BSE (BIO-RAD fast test); selected examinations of chemicals, metals, pesticides, oils, consumables, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, toys, packaging, textiles, wood, bitumen, leather as well as human and animal fluids and excrement; sampling of water, drinking water, mineral water, healing water, ground water, surface water, rainwater, wastewater, landfill leachate, swimming pool water, technical water, soil, sewage sludge, compost, dust, building, materials, fibrous particles, vegetable material, food and environmental tests for hygienic evaluation

Multi Utility

Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

for international projects and the Frankfurt/Main airport to develop methods and concepts for scientific, engineering and environmentally relevant issues as well as sampling, implementation of and support for risk analyses and corresponding planning projects

Approved test facility for wastewater samples

Approved test facility for sewage sludge, compost and soil samples according to the German regulations for sewage sludge, bio-waste and compost (AbklärV, BioabfV and DüngeV)

OFD/ BAM accredited test laboratory

for the investigation of contaminated soils on German federal properties in the field of analytics and sampling water, soil and soil air at the Berlin, Erfurt, Espenhain, Herten, Taunusstein and Saarbrücken locations.

Notification as a measuring facility according to Section 26, 28 of the German Immission Control Act (BImSchG)

Measuring facility at the Berlin location (Alt-Stralau); accredited for the federal states of Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pommerania and Saxony

Approved laboratory according to Section 6, Paragraph 6 of the German Ordinance on the Disposal of Waste Wood

Approved laboratory according to the 2001 German Drinking Water Ordinance

at the Berlin, Erfurt, Göttingen, Herten, Taunusstein and Stockach locations

Food/Consumer Products

ZLS accreditation as an external measuring facility(registration number: ZLS-P-478/03)
Determination, measurement and evaluation of the concentration of hazardous substances in the air at workplaces; measuring facility at the Taunusstein location

AKS accreditation as a test laboratory according to Directive 93/99/EEC (Registration number: AKS-P-20602-EU)
Recognised test laboratory according to Section 1 of the Federal Act on the recognition of second opinion laboratories at the Taunusstein and Berlin locations for chemical, physicochemical and microbiological tests

Second opinion laboratory according to Section 42 of the German Food & Commodities Law (LMBG) and Section 65 of the German Drug Law (AMG)

Approved laboratory according to the Sections 44, 45 of the German Law on Prevention and Control of Communicable Diseases

Life Science

Officially monitored GMP laboratory

GLP certification
At the Taunusstein location for:
product registration, laboratory and field experiments
Certified test categories according to Section 19 d, Paragraph 3 of the German Chemicals Law:

  • Physicochemical properties and content determination
  • Ecotoxicological properties to examine the effects on aquatic and terrestrial organisms
  • Behaviour in soil, water and air, bioaccumulation and metabolism
  • Determination of residues
  • Analysis of value-adding constituents (genetically modified organisms, GMOs)

ZLG accreditation as a test laboratory for medical products(registration number: ZLG-P-952-96-07)
Examinations according to Directive 93/42/EEC for microbiological-hygiene and chemical tests on disposable medical products made from plastic; microbiological tests on disinfection agents

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