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You want to be sure that your olive oil meets the quality requirements of your customers: During production in the producing country, during import, in trade and when selling to the consumer? For this you need a partner who accompanies you as a production company, wholesaler, retailer or discounter at all stages of production and trade in matters of olive oil quality control. A partner who neutrally and independently checks the quality for you.

SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS offers you the complete service of a quality service provider from the cultivation of your valuable product to the retail trade, from sampling to sensory and analytical tests to the certificate.

Chemical analysis to determine quality and authenticity

In the field of chemical analysis, the focus is on the parameters that demonstrate grade, storage, adulteration and treatment process. SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS, in addition to testing the individual parameters, also offers discounted packages to determine not only the quality level of the olive oil, but also to exclude possible contaminants such as pesticides and plasticizers (phthalates).

Organoleptic testing of olive oil

The aim of the sensory analysis of olive oils is to determine the quality of olive oils by means of a standardised test procedure - the so-called panel test. Trained analytical and objective testers evaluate the organoleptic characteristics of olive oils using an intensity scale. By assessing the intensity of sensory defects and positive attributes, the category of an olive oil is determined. In addition to the quality parameters fruity, bitter and spicy, an assessment of harmony is made.

The olive oil panel of SGS in Germany was approved by the IOC Executive Secretariat after rigorous testing. The performance and reliability of the sensory results must be demonstrated by conducting annual proficiency tests. The SGS olive oil panel is listed as an officially recognised and approved panel in accordance with Article 4 of Commission Regulation (EEC) No 2568/91.

Training offer: Olive Oil Sensory Workshop

In our one-day workshop you will gain an insight into the professional sensory evaluation of olive oils.

What can you expect?

Our seminar teaches theory and practice around the recognition of qualitative differences of olive oils, e.g.:

  • Factors influencing the sensory quality of olive oil
  • Organoleptic testing of various olive oils according to EU regulation, as well as international specifications
  • Olive oil classification
  • Practical exercises for the sensory evaluation of olive oils
  • Tasting and neutralisation techniques
  • Recognise misattributes
  • Assessment of positive attributes and flavours
  • Identifying sensory quality differences, incl. harmony assessment of olive oils

To register for the Sensory Workshop in our SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS laboratory in Hamburg!

Our Performance At a Glance

  • Sampling in the country of production and shipment of samples
  • Accredited laboratories with state-of-the-art testing and measuring methods
  • Sensory testing: Analytical SGS Olive Oil Panel (officially approved, EU & IOC recognised).
  • Chemical analysis of acid and peroxide value, pyropheophytins, diglycerides, fatty acid spectrum, k-values (UV spectrometry)
  • Extension to the basic examination: triglyceride spectrum, Totox number, phytosterols
  • Expansion of the analysis spectrum: pesticides, phthalates, PAHs, solvents (LCKW + BTEX)

You can also find all the information summarised in our brochure "Quality determination for olive oil".


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