Institut Fresenius Quality Seal

Over the last years competition in the food, beverage and non-food products industries has become much tougher. In order to benefit from shifts in the markets, manufacturers are increasingly forced to highlight defined features of their products which differ from those of their competitors and to draw the end consumers' attention to these features.

Product quality as a competitive advantage plays a very important role in this connection, as consumers are becoming unsure due to the complicated information they are increasingly faced with. However, they do have a defined quality consciousness; they obtain information and are prepared to spend a little more on products when they are convinced of their good quality.

Seals of quality that stand for credible, competent and independent checks can influence the consumer's buying decision in regard to the quality aspect. SGS Institut Fresenius, as a competent and independent organisation, stands for quality and safety and its more than 30-year old seal of quality is well respected by end consumers – a fact that we would like to let you participate in as our customer, in order to support your commercial success. Associated PR activities in the areas of consumers' needs and the seal of quality underpin the goal of harmo-nising consumer's requirements with the product features that are communicated from the manufacturer's side.


The Quality Seal on your product

  • End consumers perceive a special product quality due to the independent checks
  • Support for your brand in the eyes of end consumers due to the good reputation of "SGS Institut Fresenius"
  • Calculable quality partnership in the development of rewards, trustworthy quality criteria and test plans

The Quality Seal in communication

  • Information about the Quality Seal and consumer topics is available in the consumer portal at
  • Active marketing of the competency of SGS Institut Fresenius, its seal and its seal customers in the press
  • Cooperation with trading media
  • Support for our customers' PR measures in connection with the Institut Fresenius Quality Seal


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