GLP Studies for Chemical Products and Polymer Reach

Good laboratory practice (GLP) is a management tool for testing and controlling chemical safety to protect people and the environment. In this context, GLP defines a set of specifications and criteria for a quality assurance system that addresses the organizational process and conditions under which environmental impact studies are planned, conducted, monitored, recorded, reported and archived. Since GLP is anchored in the Chemicals Act, it is a mandatory requirement for testing chemical products that come into contact with the environment or end users.

Polymers have so far been exempt from GLP studies. In 2023, the EU Commission will present a proposal for the gradual registration of selected polymers. In this context, it can be assumed that further REACH regulations or annexes will be adapted.


SGS is a leading global provider of certification and testing services for GLP studies, particularly for the agricultural industry. Its global network of laboratories and field testing centers can support companies with a wide range of services, including microbial, ecotox, e-fate, product chemistry and residue testing.

SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS GmbH has been a market leader in GLP residue analysis for agricultural services for more than 30 years. SGS CIS GmbH extends the portfolio by GLP studies for product chemicals.

Within safety testing, SGS has the capabilities to provide accurate and efficient GLP product chemistry studies for chemicals and chemical products, including:

  • Method development and validation
  • CoA (active ingredient and formulation/product)
  • Material balancing (5-batch analysis)
  • CIPAC method definition
  • Storage stability/durability
  • Compatibility
  • Analysis of ingredients and relevant minor components
  • NMR / FTIR analysis
  • Chromatography: GPC, GC, HPLC, GC-MS, GC-MS thermodesorption, GC-MS pyrolysis
  • Density, solubility in water and organic solvents, volatility, melting, freezing....
  • Sieve test, dust content, viscosity and surface tension, flowability....
  • And much more on customer request

Specifically for Polymer REACH, a new guideline update for polymer registration is expected with new requirements that will become mandatory for conducting human and environmental safety studies.

Whether method development or adaptation, we are happy to support you with our broad analytical portfolio and expertise. Together we ensure your success!

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