Particle Analysis for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS has many years of experience in the identification of particles, deposits and foreign material that indicate deviations in the pharmaceutical production process.

Our wide range of analytical methods enables us to reveal what materials are involved and provides you with important clues about the source of the failure.

Our Services

We are a competent partner for your

  • Quality assurance measures across the entire process chain
  • Product testing of impurities or particles (e.g. organic agglomerates, metal shavings, microplastics, etc.)
  • Failure mode analysis (e.g. corrosion damage, mechanical damage due to wearout)
  • Exploration of incidents in the production
  • Investigation of impurities in materials, media, packaging
  • S urface cleanliness


Our comprehensive portfolio of analytical methods allows us to clearly characterize the foreign particulate matter.

  • Light microscope detection and documentation of foreign material in the product
  • Identification of particles using SEM/EDX, Raman, FT-IR and further methods
  • Characterization of the material composition like plastics


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