Layer Characterization

Functional and optical coatings are of essential significance for modern components or functional elements. Depending on the respective application and area, basic layers or complex layers are used. To ensure the requisite features, control over layer structure, layer thickness, homogeneity, purity and structuring as well as the interfaces is decisive.

With our many years of extensive expertise, we support you in a wide variety of tasks: doping, contacting, passivation and metallization in microelectronics and connection technology through to surface refinement of components.

Typical Areas of Application

  • Examination of active and passive layers with regard to purity, homogeneity and interface effects (through to Reverse Engineering)
  • Analysis of layer stacks and metallizations in soldering and connection technology, before and after bonding
  • Interface analysis of metallizations, e.g. in the case of delamination problems or intermetallic phasing
  • Characterization of optical layer systems, e.g. mirror layers in VCSEL cells or laser systems in general

Information On:

  • Layer structure and layer sequence (from nm to µm)
  • Composition and homogeneity of layers and layer stacks
  • Morphology and roughness
  • Layer connection and interfaces
  • Contamination in layers or at interfaces
  • Dopant profiles
  • Structure and phase composition

Our Methods

  • Electron and light-microscopy layer characterization to determine layer thickness, homogeneity and interfaces (REM-EDX, TEM, light microscopy)
  • Fracture and section preparations
  • FIB preparations on thin layers and by bond balls
  • Depth profiling for material and contaminant analysis via (ToF-)SIMS and XPS/AES
  • Determination of roughness and topographies via profilometry and AFM


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