Like no other sector of the economy, the microelectronics sector is characterized by innovation and growing integration. The further development of microelectronic components places comprehensive requirements on chips and contact materials. Monitoring layer structures and determining dopant profiles are typical tasks. In addition, the impact of environmental factors on the reliability of the microelectronic devices is of increasing interest.

SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS is a leading laboratory for the analysis of microelectronic materials and devices. With our many years of expertise and the best analytical tool base, we support you in technology development, quality assurance, and failure analysis.

Our services

  • Analytical support for technology and process development
  • Production monitoring and quality assurance
  • Failure analysis
  • Surface contamination control
  • Reverse engineering
  • Control of process media and materials for the production process
  • Environmental monitoring: investigation of wastewater, solid residues, exhaust air, e.g. exhaust gases from etching
  • Investigation of crystal defects, coatings, structures, and packaged components
  • Extraction and content analysis of mobile ionic contaminations in bulk material and on surfaces (e.g. packaging materials and casting compounds)
  • Specialized physical and chemical analysis
  • Evaluation of results with respect to technological issues
  • Imaging of doped areas by SEM:
    • Imaging via etching/decoration:
      • The distribution of dopants on cleaved samples or cross sections
      • Illustrations by light microscopy or SEM
  • Analysis of doping and dopant profiles with SIMS and SRP:
    • Measurement of dopants:


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