Spreading Resistance Profiling (SRP)

The Spreading Resistance Profiling method is suitable for measuring electrical resistance profiles in silicon. These measurements can be used to calculate doping profiles of the electrically-active charge carriers. In comparison, physical/chemical doping can be measured using SIMS.

For SRP, the silicon sample is polished with a specific angle toward the surface and a defined profile is generated over the depth via the grinding angle. This polished section is then electrically characterized using a step prober which generates the depth profile.

We perform SRP grindings and measurements of different depths on any type of silicon sample. We are currently working on a project to characterize SiC, but the measurement of compound semiconductors is currently not possible.


Our Services

  • Bevel preparation on flat substrates and suitable structures
  • Measurement of electrical resistance profiles over various thicknesses
    • Near-surface (a few microns) to full wafer cross-section (defined by grinding angle)
    • Extremely thin layers (ultra-shallow) on special request
  • Necessary pre-preparations (grinding, wet chemical removal of cover layers, cutting/breaking samples)


  • Electrically-active doping profiles of substrates or active and passive elements
  • Comparison with chemical/physical SIMS profiles

Sample Requirements

  • Silicon, no measurement of compound semiconductors
  • Measurement on structures which requires minimum structure sizes: approx. 100 µm x 400 µm (depending on probe spacing and analysis depth)
  • Sample is destroyed by grinding


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