Reverse Engineering

If you break down a product into its components, its functionality becomes visible. Damage or errors incurred during production can be identified. This way, individual production steps can be traced.

Dismantling an electronic device can be as challenging as producing it and requires a lot of experience and expertise. We use decapsulating and cross-sectional techniques to provide a sophisticated analysis.

We are one of Europe's leading providers of non-medical laboratory analyses. Our location in Dresden is one of the longest-operating microelectronics labs on the market. Contact us to find out more about how you can benefit from “reverse engineering” of your products.

Our services

  • Assessment/Analysis of other manufacturers’ samples, functional tests, and comparative studies
  • Conclusions about the processes and raw materials used
  • Review of the current state of development, comparisons with similar products
  • Analysis of layer systems: surface passivation, layer thickness measurement, chemical composition of the layers
  • Documentation of the vertical structure: materials, doping, and doping profiles

Our methods

  • Non-destructive inspection by CT
  • Acoustic microscopy and X-ray analysis
  • Light microscopy
  • Metallography, cross-section preparation, FIB, SEM/EDX and TEM for vertical investigation
  • SIMS and SRP for doping and doping profiles: doping material type, depth distribution, concentration, and charge density
  • XPS and ToF-SIMS for chemical-physical layer analysis
  • FTIR, DSC, and further methods for plastics analysis


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