Failure Analysis of Complex Components

The individual phases of the production process are decisive as to whether an end product is of high quality or not.

Traces of pollutants or minor deviations in the chemical composition of components can lead to your high-tech products failing to perform in full or even fail outright. In an effort to avoid defects and failures, numerous quality controls need to be carried out in all process steps undergone by the product.

As market leader, SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS offers you a wide selection of services in the area of product failure and damage analysis. Thanks to our key competencies in the fields of materials, surfaces and layers, we can conduct chemical and physical analyses of your products, coordinated to your respective product requirements.

Our Services

  • Examination and clarification of faulty welding and soldering connections as a result of adhesion problems during bonding (impurities, intermetallic phases, corrosion)
  • Assistance in the event of faulty contact and conductor path systems through the formation of dendrite, e.g. by silver migration
  • Inspection of doping profiles on semiconductor components
  • Fault localization in the assembly and depiction of cross-sections
  • Analysis of layer systems for faults: formation of intermetallic phases, impurities, voids, whiskers, delamination
  • Documentation, preparation and characterization of ceramic SMD failure components, e.g. by crack formation, manufacturing errors

Our Methods

  • OBRICH analyses for localizing defects (e.g. hotspots)
  • Sections, FIB cross-sections with REM or TEM imaging of localized defects
  • XPS/AES analyses of corroded bond pads, discoloration, and other surface effects
  • SIMS and SRP for doping and doping profiles
  • IC analyses for detecting ionic contamination (IPC-TM-650)
  • SAM analyses for localizing defects such as cracks, delaminations, and voids (nondestructive)


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