Design Analysis

Design analyses make an essential contribution toward safeguarding the quality and reliability of microelectronic components. They include determination of the structure, exact microscopic measurement as well as examination of the material composition and its dopant profiles.

At SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS, we apply a wide range of high-tech methods. Our experts have long-standing experience in this field and many manufacturers rely on it to have their products tested by us on a regular basis.

Information on:

  • Material and geometries of the housing and support structures of a component
  • Comparative analyses of products: monitoring process changes, deviations from contractual specifications
  • Identification of material defects
  • Determination of dopant profiles
  • Measurement and depiction of layers
  • Testing of integrated circuits

Our methods:

  • External light microscopic examination
  • Non-destructive testing by X-ray microscopy, computer tomography (CT), and acoustic microscopy (SAM)
  • Device opening
  • Doping and dopant profiling using SIMS and SRP
  • Cross-section preparation, FIB cross-sections, SEM and TEM analyses for layer structures and measurement
  • Material composition analysis (EDX and XPS)

We offer you an extensive range of special solutions for microelectronic products. Trust in our expertise and experience and have us analyze your products down to the smallest detail.


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