Batteries – Chemical and Physical Testing

Currently, the battery is the weak spot for the development and expansion of electromobility.

As a leading global analytics service provider, SGS has extensive expertise in battery testing. With our versatile testing options, we can cover the monitoring of the entire battery production process – from the basic materials to the complete battery system.

Technology chain up to the battery system:

SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS is a strong partner that can support you with a high-end equipment portfolio and advanced analytical methods in the field of material and layer analysis, surface, trace and fault analysis, as well as with a wide-ranging network.

Our services

  • Chemical analysis of battery electrolytes
    • Identification of chemical group and chemical composition
    • Testing for organic and inorganic impurities
    • Detection of degradation products
    • Inspection for electrolysis decomposition products
    • Analysis of reaction products for stress and abuse tests
  • Chemical and physical investigations of separator membranes
    • Characterization of layer structure and composition
    • Morphological assessment of the surface
    • Analysis of contamination on the surface and in the bulk material
    • Investigation of resistance to chemicals
    • Testing for short-circuit triggers (dendritic growth between electrode and membrane)
    • Microanalytical detection and documentation of faults, cracks, inclusions
  • Characterization of electrode materials: anode / cathode
    • Material and chemical group analysis of electrode components
    • Element analysis for determining the major and minor components, as well as trace components (contaminations)
    • Microanalytical testing of flaws, cracks, and inclusions
    • Determination of porosity and specific area
  • Testing of battery housings
    • Material analysis of housing parts (metals, alloys, plastics, composites)
    • Identification of additives, adhesive and sealing compounds, as well as characterization of their curing behavior
    • Testing of resistance to chemicals

Our methods

  • Material analysis of the components using ICP-OES/MS, F-OES, XRD, FT-IR, XPS, RAMAN, SEM-EDX, GD-MS
  • Chemical or physical analysis of impurities in electrolytes or solids by ICP-OES/MS, GD-MS, RAMAN, FT-IR, GC-MS, SPME-GC-CIMS, HPLC
  • Characterization of the layer structure, surface condition and surface purity of battery components (cleanliness, oxidation states, etc.) using XPS, ToF-SIMS, PEM-IC, RAMAN
  • Thermo-analytical determination of typical material values by means of DSC, TG, STA and DMA analytics
  • SEM/EDX for investigations of morphology, coatings and particles, or for damage case analysis, e.g. dendrite growth


“Battery Test House” at SGS

  • Endurance testing
  • Stress and abuse tests (nail test, overcharging, crash test, etc.)
  • Environmental simulation (temperature, vibration, corrosion, etc.)
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Functional safety according to ISO 26262
  • Homologation (approval of vehicles and components)


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