Wastewater Treatment

The treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater is very important in order to ensure a high level of water protection.

Many influencing factors must be taken into account if a sewage treatment plant is to operate as intended. For instance, changes in indirect dischargers or technical or meteorological effects can seriously influence the wastewater treatment process. Knowledge and monitoring of the constituents and the technical and technological processes for wastewater treatment are prerequi-sites for the correct operation of sewage treatment plants.

The SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS has extensive knowledge of wastewater treatment processes. We support operators of municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants with comprehensive monitoring services and assist them in solving any problems that may occur.

Our range of services:


  • Monitoring indirect dischargers
  • Assessment of nutrient relationships
  • Testing inflow and outflow parameters according to the respective national control ordinance
  • Sewage sludge and soil tests according to the German ordinance AbfKlärV
  • Determining the degree of efficiency of plants
  • Digester sludge testing
  • Digester gas testing
  • Fecal sludge testing
  • Quality testing of operating materials (Fe-II-chloride, lime)


  • Collecting samples
  • Independent sampling
  • Provision of sampling equipment/vessels
  • Preservatives
  • Acc. to self control requirements

Assistance in the case of malfunctions such as

  • Foam formation
  • Reduction in the degree of efficiency, e.g. caused by the growth of bacteria
  • The plant losing its ecological balance


  • Preparation and updating of indirect discharger cadastres
  • Sending out reports according to an agreed distribution key
  • Transmitting results via EDP according to customer-specific requirements


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