Trade Supervisory Authorities

The many different control tasks of the trade supervisory authorities require chemical, physical and biological tests in the areas of wastewater, waste, sedi-mentation and occupational safety.

SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS, as an accredited laboratory service provider, is a reliable partner with extensive experience in analytics.

Experienced staff with the necessary credentials can carry out all sampling tasks.

SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS has certification according to AKMP TRGS 400 and Sections 26/28 of the BImmschG
(registered for Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Saxony).

Our range of services:

Wastewater analysis

  • Industrial wastewater after indirect discharge
  • Sampling
  • Assessment of wastewater treatment plants
  • Chemical and biological analysis

Waste analysis

  • Physicochemical tests on declared and undeclared waste

Sedimentation analysis

  • Sampling and analysis of illegal sedimentation
  • Hazard assessement

Workplace analysis

  • Occupational safety assessement on the basis of physicochemical tests of the building substance

Asbestos analysis

  • Analysis of solids using SEM

Emision analysis

  • Analysis of emissions from technical plants

We offer expert support in all chemical, environmental toxicology and hygiene issues.


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t +49 6128 744-207
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