Swimming Baths

Visitors to swimming baths expect to enjoy themselves. Municipal and private swimming bath operators want to guarantee their customers this pleasure. This is decisive for the wellbeing of the guests and, consequently, for the economic success of the enterprise.

Perfect water quality is an essential aspect of ensuring customer satisfaction. Hygiene in all areas is vital and requires individually coordinated concepts for its implementation. An interdisciplinary team of engineers, chemists, public health specialists and geoscientists provides integrated solutions for operators of public and private swimming baths, pools, hotels, wellness facilities, therapy and spa facilities, even for complex, cross-functional problems.
This is based on our many years of experience and covers the areas of analytics, technology and hygiene as well as quality and environmental management.

Our range of services:


  • Water, treatment and disinfectants as well as operating materials
  • Microbiology
  • Surface hygiene
  • Special analysis
  • Solids analysis
  • Food
  • Wastewater

Expert opinions, support, checks

  • Quality of bathing water, drinking water and technical water
  • Plant acceptance and functional tests
  • Hygiene monitoring, conception and project management
  • Tapping and utilising water sources
  • Combined storm and sanitary sewage calculation
  • Quality and environmental management
  • Bathing lakes and waters monitoring, studies, rehabilitation
  • Problem resolution
  • Gastronomy monitoring
  • Emergency service

Training, seminars

  • Quality assurance and management
  • Occupational safety, environmental protection
  • Hygiene and water treatment
  • Legal regulations


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