Landfill sites perform a very important service in regard to future environmental protection. They have developed into complex plants through the recovery of methane gas, the treatment of leachate and the development of timber treat-ment plants and sorting facilities.
Controlling input and output materials as well as the various processes requires many different chemical tests.

The SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS is your expert partner for analysing and sampling the materials and media to be tested in the landfill site.

We provide you with analytical support in the recovery of methane gas and the operation of your leachate treatment plant as well as in material recycling processes.

Our range of services:

Sampling and testing

  • Leachate
  • Ground water
  • Methane gas from landfills
  • Gas composition
  • Organic silicon
  • Covering and drainage materials
  • Air
  • Microbe formation
  • Organic pollutants

Declaration of

  • Timber
  • Compost
  • Construction site waste
  • Soil constituents
  • Waste
  • Domestic waste

According to standardised procedures and your specific choice of parameters.


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