Onboard Sampling of Ballast Water

According to the project objectives the development of a rapid and simple onboard sampling system had to be directed to two installations : (i) an adequate sampling port allowing to take samples directly from the main ballast water pipe system and (ii) a simple sampling system for taking samples of varying volume and in predeterminable intervals.

Results from a large number of test series with different isokinetic sampling installations clearly show that a simple isokinetic sampling “bend” port type is the most adequate sampling port for representative onboard sampling of ballast water.

The ballast water sampling system developed within the frame of this project is flanged to this sampling port and comprises a single filterstage (50µm nylon mesh), a volume count as well as an isokinetic “bend” type sampling port.

The ballast water enters the sampling system through the filter in which organisms >50µm are retained. Ballast water for analysis of IMO size classes >10µm<50µm and bacteria can be taken through the small isokinetic “bend” type sampling port. The ballast water is backflushed into the main ballast water pipe.


Principle of Onboard Sampling of Ballast Water with isokinetic
Sampling Port, Sampling System and Backflush Port

Sampling system prototype

More information

The Facts and Findings of the Project

Onboard Analysis of Ballast Water

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