RoHS directive 2002/95/EG and ElectroG

RoHS = Restriction of Hazardous Substances The RoHS-directive (Restriction of the use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment) restricts the use of certain hazardous substances. The directive is valid for electrical and electronic equipment operating with max. 1000 V AC or max. 1500 V DC.

From July 1, 2006 the use of hazardous substances mentioned in the directive cannot be used in electrical and electronic equipment. The aim of the directive is to reduce health and environmental risks caused by electrical and electronic equipment. International investigations show that the restricted substances have caused cancer, allergies and other illnesses.

The RoHS directive includes six restricted substances:

- Cadmium
- Mercury
- Lead
- Hexavalent chromium
- Brominated flame retardants (PBB and PBDE)

The RoHS directive is valid for the following products:

- household appliances
- information technology and telecommunication equipment
- consumer electronics
- lighting fittings
- electrical tools
- toys
- sports and leisure equipment
- vending machines
- filament lamps

SGS services with regard to the RoHS directive

- Clarification of the requirements
- Analysis of hazardous substances for components and materials during the product development stage and during quality control
- Training regarding RoHS directive and analysis of hazardous substances
- Verification of hazardous substance analysis carried out by other laboratories(we interpret test results)
- We grant impartial Statement of Conformity for RoHS Directive

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