Special Analytics

Growing demands on quality, the re-quirement for certified raw materials, end products, and compliance with legal stipulations regarding occupational safety require the provision of analytical expertise in various disciplines and corresponding complex infrastructure.

The Competence Center Special Analytics takes an interdisciplinary approach across various industries (including medical technology, heavy industry as well as the food and chemical industries) in order to process specific problems in the area of analytical chemistry. In R&D projects as well as within the scope of production-supporting analytics and quality assurance for the end product an interdisciplinary team of experts guides you through all the development stages and provides all the solutions from one source - as an independent partner.

We develop new tailored analytical concepts based on the latest measuring techniques or adapt existing procedures to suit your specific requirements. Examples of the tests we provide are conformity analyses of materials and fine chemicals, fault and damage analyses, and identification of unknown reaction products. The spectrum offered by SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS covers all traditional wet-chemical methods (e.g. volumetric analysis, gravimetry, photometry) modern techniques such as atomic spectrometry (F-AAS, CV-AAS, GF-AAS, ICP-OES, ICP-MS), X-ray techniques (XRF analysis, REM-EDX, X-ray diffractometry), chromatography (IC, HPLC, GC-FID, GCECD, GC-MS, GC-PND) etc.

In addition, our department for workplace measurements is accredited by the German federal accreditation office for measuring and test points (AKMP) for the execution of the regulations on hazardous materials and is thus the ideal contact for all issues relating to occupational safety.


  • Supporting services for analytical issues
  • Method development
  • Method testing and validation
  • Timely implementation of all analytical services
  • Comparison tests
  • Fault and damage investigation
  • Creation of recognised test certificates and expert opinions

Health protection:

  • Workplace measurements


Im Maisel 14
D - 65232 Taunusstein
t +49 6128 744 - 243
f +49 6128 744 - 9205

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