Global REACH Services by SGS


Global REACH Services by SGS

REACH and the Automotive Industry

Global REACH Services by SGS

SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS can support you to comply with the REACH regulation by assessing your existing data, identifying your data gaps and to close these. We can advise you in developing a cost-effective approach, taking into account the existing data and the information that can be derived from that data.

You profit from our extensive knowledge: SGS experts are actively participating in international committees working on the development of test and assessment strategies and their implementation. Through the worldwide SGS network, we can offer our clients capacities in Europe, Asia and the USA.

Furthermore, you can profit from our services that SGS can offer through our relations with long-term cooperation partners.

REACH Training

Learn about the various legal requirements under the EU chemicals legislation REACH (EC) 1907/2006) and understand your duties as a company in order to comply with the REACH regulation.

Assessment Report

We can assess and document the direct and indirect duties your company is facing under REACH or how to deal with your specific situation.

Impact Analysis & simple Inventorisation

SGS can assist you to compile a simple inventory of your product portfolio in order to ensure your company does not miss any of the REACH requirements applicable to your product portfolio.

Strategy Development – REACH Implementation

Take a step by step approach and use our expert knowledge to develop a strategy specifically fitted to your company to comply with REACH.

REACH Audits

Let SGS check how well your company is dealing with the REACH requirements and whether your company strategy covers all relevant issues.

SVHC-Risk Management & Analytical Laboratory Services

Supported by SGS, decide which way is right for your company to ensure compliance with your duties under REACH regarding the SVHC candidate list and restricted/ banned substances.

We can offer a multitude of solutions:

  • Individual support
  • Strategy development
  • Checking of supply chain conformity declarations/ REACH certificates
  • SVHC analytical screening/ testing
  • Restricted/ banned substance testing
  • Submission of a notification to ECHA
  • Supplier REACH Audits

REACH Registration of Chemical Substances
Leave all steps for a successful submission of your registration dossier for your chemical substance to us or use or individual services to support you in and complete your registration efforts.

We offer the full package for registration, as well as each individual service separately for your REACH registration:

  • Generation of a company specific ECHA communication portal
  • Late pre-registration/ Inquiry Dossier generation & submission
  • Generation & follow-up of enquiries to ECHA
  • SIEF communication & purchase of data rights for a joint registration dossier (Letter of Access/ LoA)
  • Dossier generation (Individual dossier part, technical dossier & chemical safety assessment/ report (CSA/CSR)
  • Generation of a testing strategy and data search or waiving where applicable
  • Performance and sub-contracting of Tests/ Studies (REACH Annex VII - X)
    • Physical-chemical tests
    • Ecotoxicological studies
    • Toxicological studies
    • Substance identity (ID) testing/ identification

Where required or requested by the client, tests and studies will be performed under GLP accredited conditions.

Material Safety Data Sheet Generation & Hosting

Ensure that your MSDS are up-to-date, accurate and in conformity with the REACH requirements. SGS can generate, translate and host SDS for your company.


Have you carried out the necessary notifications to ECHA for classification and labelling for your substances or imported perparations? SGS can support you.

Let us help you in keeping compliant with your duties under REACH by offering you our services and thereby helping you to protect the reputation of your company.

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