Semiconductor Manufactoring

The semiconductor industry is characte-red by innovation and dynamics like no other area of the economy.
The ongoing miniaturisation of integrated structures continues to determine technological developments. This trend could not be realised without the use of advanced materials and new processes.
In addition to this, there has been an increase in the variety of microtechno-logical applications.

Demands for reliability and improved quality are becoming louder in all areas - from components to modules, and from the microsystem to the finished device. High quality analysis can show weak points and thus contribute towards ensuring high quality and reliability standards. Because of the enormous requirements in regard to equipment, these problems can only be solved in a cost-effective manner through co-operation agreements.

Our services:

  • Control of media and materials for the production process-immissions Analysis of gases, liquids and solid materials
  • Environmental monitoring-emissions Testing waste water, waste gases, corrosive waste gases and solid residues
  • Analytical support of device and process development
  • Investigation of crystal defects, dopants, layers and interconnection systems
  • Manufacturing monitoring and quality control
  • Physical and chemical analytics
  • Failure analysis
  • Preparation, inspection and analysis
  • Technological relevant evaluation of the measuring and test results


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