Materials of medical Technology

Modern processes in surface and coating technology are becoming increasingly widespread in medical engineering.
Both manufacturers and users of these products must achieve and test special functional criteria and behavioural characteristics.

In order to evaluate these material systems there is an increasing use of modern processes in the area of surface, layer and micro range analysis, which we perform extensively.

Our services:

We determine and evaluate:

  • Chemical composition and sequence of coating systems
  • Concentration of contaminants
  • Intermixing of layers
  • Layer structure and textures
  • Layer thickness
  • State of chemical bonds
  • Contamination
  • Surface quality and purity
  • Surface modifications
  • Substrate composition

For these tests we have a range of modern physical and chemical analysis methods and inspection techniques that can measure in the nanometer range as well as a team of experienced chemists, physicists and engineers.


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