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Stakeholders of the cocoa value chain face many challenges. As an agricultural product with changing conditions, the quality of cocoa is affected by factors like soil and climate conditions, harvest time, genetic varieties and post-harvest processing. To ensure the quality of your products along the entire cocoa supply chain from the cultivation to retail trade, from raw cocoa to chocolate, you need a partner to accompany you in a neutral and independent way – SGS Institut Fresenius.

Flavor, especially detection of off flavors are key criteria of the quality determination of cocoa beans for traders, manufacturers and the chocolate industry. Increasing chocolate consume and heightened consumer awareness for recognizing bean origins, genetics and quality lead to new issues in chocolate industry.

To respond to the increasing demand of cocoa products, SGS can support the development of new chocolate varieties by evaluating flavor profiles and consumer preferences. With an analytical panel for the sensory evaluation of cocoa, SGS provides a new service to support manufacturers in various issues, e.g. in research and development, quality control as well as marketing.

SGS can help to understand and present the value proposition of your cocoa and cocoa products.

Our services include:

  • Sample preparation from raw product to cocoa liquor
  • Cut Test
  • Pesticides
  • Microbiological parameters
  • Unroasted Cocoa Bean Sensory Evaluation
  • Cocoa Liquor Sensory Evaluation
  • Chocolate Sensory Evaluation
  • Evaluating flavor profiles including core and complementary attributes


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