Consumer protection is becoming increasingly important throughout the whole of Europe. Consequently, the legal requirements in regard to quality assurance in the production and use of food have become much more stringent in the last few years. Food producers and food retailers integrate extended quality assurance measures into their operating processes. These include both analytical tests and also the implementation of hygiene and quality management systems.
As an accredited partner, SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS offers fast and competent assistance in all analytical and hygiene-relevant issues concerning food, animal food, nutritional supplements and organic products. In addition to our experience in the field of analytics our customers also benefit from our many years of experience in the assessment of legal issues in this field.


Marketability tests:

  • Sensorial, chemical and microbiological tests
  • Assessment of the declaration and international label review
  • Expert opinions about nutritional supplements, functional food and demarcation of food / pharmaceuticals

Production and routine checks:

  • Chemical tests; nutritional values; release analytics
  • Microbiological tests for spoilage microorganisms, pathogenic and product-specific microorganisms

Special analytics:

  • Molecular biological tests (allergens, animal species, antibiotics, ZnS and BSE by means of genetic probe, ELISA & PCR techniques)
  • Vitamin analysis using HPLC and microbiological growth tests
  • Pesticide analysis (more than 200 pesticides according to DFG S19; more pesticides via GC-MS and LC-MS/MS)
  • Mycotoxin analysis (determination of aflatoxines, ochratoxin A, DON, patulin, zearalenone)
  • Other contaminants such as dioxins, heavy metals, PAH, solvents, nitrosamines, etc.
  • Analysis of mineral oil components in Foods


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