Microbiological Analysis

Microbiological stability is a decisive quality criterion for cosmetic products.
SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS provides manufacturers of cosmetic products with advice in all microbiological and hygiene-relevant issues.

The analytical basis is provided by a high-performance microbiology laboratory, in which all important tests for cosmetics are carried out. In-house hygiene training courses contribute a great deal to improved plant hygiene and thus to production safety for the manufacturer.

Our range of services:

Testing the microbial purity of

  • Process water, raw materials and cosmetic products (e.g., according to Pharm.Eur.2000)
  • Aerobic/anaerobic total bacterial count
  • Exclusion of pathogenic microorganisms

Identification of microorganisms

Testing that preservatives are adequate

  • For preparations for topical use according to Pharm.Eur.
  • Repetitive stress tests
  • Microbiological effectiveness of preservatives
  • In-use tests

Hygiene training courses

  • Production-accompanying training courses
  • Hygiene seminars

Hygiene monitoring

  • Hygiene inspections and control of production processes
  • Control of air, surfaces and personnel


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