Application Tests

Effectives, stability and safety are decisive requirements for all cosmetic products. In addition, legislators, consumers and retail place increasingly higher demands on the quality of the raw materials and the products.

The SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS provides manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of cosmetic products with advice and support in all aspects of pro-duct quality assurance. Our laboratories offer integrated customer-specific solutions for chemical, biophysical, microbiological and biological problems.

The examinations and tests for the market segments of hair care, hair styling, oral & dental hygiene, skin & personal hygiene and deco-rative cosmetics are carried out according to individual specifications or recognised standard methods, some of which were developed by the SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.

The most common parameters in routine testing include, for example:

  • Comparative product tests on volunteers
  • Half-side tests in hair salons
  • Wet and dry combability of hair
  • Volume changes in hair
  • Build-up effects in hair
  • UV resistance of hair dyes and colour protecting products
  • Washing resistance of hair dyes and colour protecting products
  • Curl retention test to determine the weather resistance of hair styling products
  • Effectiveness of anti-dandruff products
  • Various epicutaneous tests
  • Determination of hair wetness
  • Measuring transepidermal water loss
  • Elbow washing tests
  • Skin roughness tests
  • Testing anti-inflammatory effects (according to film stripping or SDS treatment)
  • Sniff test to determine the effectiveness of deodorants
  • Stability and storage tests under different climatic conditions and evaluation of the results with the respective analytical, sensorial and microbiological tests.


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