Environmental protection plays an important part in a product‘s entire life cycle. Dealing with the negative effects on water, soil, and air is an important factor in this context and requires extensive studies, as early as in the chemicals‘ approval stage. In addition, biotests are an integral component in the evaluation of the potential eco-toxic effects of various products and the biological quality of eco systems.

SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS offers a varied portfolio of basic bio test assays in accordance with national and international regulations. Many years of expertise in dealing with problematic substances allows for tackling of difficult tasks such as the evaluation of volatile, coloured, or opaque substances. All product relevant studies can also be performed under GLP conditions.

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Aquatic area

  • Bacteria: Respiration Inhibition Test (OECD 209, DIN 38412 T 27), Nitrification Inhibition Test (ISO 9509), Growth Inhibition Test (DIN 38412 T 8)
  • Algae (OECD 201, DIN 38412 T 9, various species)
  • Daphnia (OECD 202, DIN 38412 T 11, part 1)
  • Fish (OECD 203, DIN 38412 T 15, different species)

Terrestrial area

  • Microbiological activity: nitrogen and carbon transformation (OECD 217)
  • Compost worm (OECD 207)
  • Plants (OECD 208)

Environmental samples

  • Bacteria: Respiration Inhibition Test (DIN 38412 T 27), Luminescent Bacteria Inhibition Test (DIN 38412 T 34), Nitrification Inhibition Test (ISO 9509)
  • Algae (DIN 38412 T 33)
  • Daphnia (DIN 38412 T 30)
  • Fish Egg Test (Fish embryo test) (DIN 38512 T 6)
  • Degradation Test (OECD 302B or DIN ISO 9888)


  • Static and semistatic systems
  • pH stabilisation
  • Full air conditioning
  • Day and night rhythms
  • Individual test facilities


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