Environmental protection plays an important part in a product‘s entire life cycle. Biodegradability is an important factor in this context and requires extensive studies, as early as in the chemicals‘ approval stage. Additional applications of biodegradability tests are testing of potential water pollution during storage and transport.

For the informed end consumer, environment-friendly product qualities are an important purchasing factor and a highlighted feature for manufacturers and retailers (e.g., environmental labelling such as the Blue Angel).

SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS offers the entire spectrum of international standardized testing methods under GLP and other accredited conditions. The Competence Center BioServices provides competent analytical and problem solving services in all stages of product development, manufacture, and disposal.

Our services:

  • Ready biodegradability
  • Inherent biodegradability
  • Simulation tests
  • Special biodegradability tests


Ready Biodegradability

  • DOC-DIE-AWAY Test (OECD 301 A)
  • CO2 Evolution Test (OECD 301 B)
  • Closed Bottle Test (OECD 301 D)
  • OECD Screening Test (OECD 301 E)
  • Manometric Respiration Test (OECD 301 F)

Inherent Biodegradability

  • Modified SCAS Test (OECD 302 A)
  • Zahn-Wellens/EMPA Test (OECD 302 B)
  • MITI-II Test (OECD 302 C) (with modified inoculum)

Simulation tests

  • Coupled Units Test (OECD 303 A)
  • Primary degradation of anionic and non-ionic tensides
  • MBAS/BiAS Analysis (screening test and/or confirmatory test)

Special degradability tests

  • Anaerobic degradation (EPA Test CG-2050)
  • Degradation of lubricants (CEC-L33-A93)
  • Degradation of lubricants (ASTM D 5864-95)
  • CEC Test DIN 51828, part 1 + 2
  • BODIS Test (ISO 10708)


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