Identification of biological constituents and their properties, the use of bio-molecules for analytical purposes and the assessment of biological reactions on external influences are permanent elements of quality assurance, risk management and R&D projects.

Based on a combination of competent on-site problem assessment and the latest measuring and analysis technology, the Competence Center BioServices is also able to resolve highly complex problems for individual customers.
In the traditional hygiene sector, quick identification is carried out in just a few hours. Within the scope of microbio-logical examinations, besides the quanti-fication of traditional microbes we are also able to determine microbiological special groups (e.g. nitrobacteria, sulphate-reducing bacteria, methane-forming bacteria) and their activities. In addition to this, we offer microscopic sounding and detection techniques (such as epifluorescence microscopy, special colourations, SEM, TEM).

Within the framework of projects concerning biodegradability and eco-toxicology, in addition to standardised tests for problem substances SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS also offers test designs and detection processes that it has deve-loped in its own laboratories. In the field of protein chemistry we have a large number of gel electrophoresis and ELISA-based processes available which can be processed simultaneously by modern laboratory robots.
Molecular biological solutions (e.g. genetic probes, PCR, blot techniques) round off our service portfolio.


Ecotoxicology & Biodegradability

  • OECD, ISO, DIN processes
  • Accredited processes, GLP, Non-GLP
  • Test design adaptation for problem substances


  • Quick detection of hygiene microbes
  • Identification of special microorganisms
  • Biomass, activity detection
  • Microscopic analytics
  • Microbial material destruction

Protein chemistry

  • Identity and purity analyses
  • ELISA process (full robot)
  • Western Blot
  • Enzyme activity determination

Molecular biology

  • Identity and purity analyses
  • Genetic probe analysis (PCR, FISH)

Performance studies

  • Equipment and plant hygiene
  • Equipment operation simulation
  • Efficiency tests

Brochure BioServices (PDF)


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