Water Treatment

Which treatment method is the right one for your purpose?

This question is associated with a considerable investment.

Take advantage of our expertise in this field, gained from the many projects we have been involved in the area of water treatment and let us find the best solution for your company.

We propose the best treatment method for you based on the raw material “water“ and the constituents that have to be treated.

In doing so we take account of the type of water to be treated and check the legal requirements according to your specification.

Our range of services:


  • Inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, microbiology
  • Sensorial influences
  • Phase control
  • Testing hygiene-relevant surfaces with the aid of REM/EDX and TOF-SIMS
  • Separation of the organic substance
  • Determination of bio-availability

Expert opinions / Consulting

  • Detecting causes, recognising problems
  • Alignment to the respective legal requirements
  • Alignment to customer-specific wishes
  • Adaptation to the matrix
  • Optimizing treatment techniques
  • Plant acceptance

Professional support right from the outset

  • Advice during the planning stage, e.g. materials to be employed
  • Integration into the HACCP concept
  • Hygienic design
  • Support in the tendering process
  • Mutual selection of contractors
  • Support during the construction phase
  • External quality assurance in production facilities


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