Products have direct contact with their packaging. According to food law (Sections 30 to 32), packaging must have no sensorial influence on the food it contains. In addition, limiting values have to be met with regard to global migration and specific migrations. New packaging materials increasingly raise sensorial problems, especially where water is involved: taste problems, undesired changes in the product, etc.

The expert support of an acknowledged independent specialist institute is often vital to ensure that the high quality of the product remains intact in the packaging.

Our customers are leading packaging manufacturers and beverage producers throughout Europe.

Our range of services:


  • Quality assurance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Complaint processing
  • Recording the overall problems
  • Sourcing
  • Support in preparing toxicological expert opinions and risk assessments


  • Requirements according to food standards
  • Screening using GC/MS
  • Semi-quantitative individual substance detection
  • Comparative analytics
  • Analysis of raw materials, bottle, caps and packaging
  • Material tests with weathering (UV effects, etc.)
  • Storage tests
  • Migration tests
  • Eluate tests
  • Surface analytics
  • Residue analytics

Expert opinions

  • Adapting packaging to suit the product
  • Convenience
  • Support for new developments
  • Compliance according to food standards
  • HACCP aspects


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