REACH and the Automotive Industry

According to the statement by the German Automotive Industry Association, REACH will be a challenge to the automotive industry, by making replacements for restricted chemicals under REACH necessary, through notification requirements of specific substances in articles, and obligatory communication in the supply chain.

The guideline published by the automotive industry illustrates the most important REACH obligations and duties and is supposed to facilitate the communication in the supply chain.

With this guideline, a synchronised and coordinated approach for the activities in the automotive industry is strived for.

Ensure a smooth flow in your production despite the requirements of the REACH regulation. Check whether your products require registration, notification or imply information duties within the supply chain. Follow the development of the list of substances of very high concern (SVHC) in relation to Art. 59 § 1 REACH (Status Oct. 2008: 15 substances), as well as the effective requirements according to Art. 7 § 2 REACH (Notification SVHC).

Check whether your products are articles according to the definition of Art. 3 No. 3 REACH. Are these articles, from which substances are released intentionally (Art. 7 § 1 REACH) and must be registered? For components for the automotive industry the relevant data should be included in the IMDS data bank.

IMDS 6.1 can be used for the following REACH uses:

  • IMDS material data sheet as information basis for the chemical composition
  • REACH contact person details
  • SVHC marked in the IMDS
  • Check of internal and incoming MDS for SVHC

Please take note:

  • Companies that do not comply with the REACH regulation, may no longer market their products.
  • Business processes may be negatively influenced by REACH regarding the timing, such that supply chains may be interrupted.
  • Companies that are aware of their REACH obligations and develop a strategic plan have a competitive advantage.

We have long-term experience with test methods for testing chemicals on their biodegradability, ecotoxicological properties and environmental fate and are active in the area of alternative in-vitro methods.

SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS has conducted GLP studies for the registration of chemicals, biocides, fertilizers, and herbicides since 1992.

Furthermore SGS can assist you e.g. with the characterization of your substances or the screening of articles concerning substances requiring authorization.

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