Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology

SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS is a leading service provider of analyses and tests on products in the area of medical technology and pharmaceuticals. These services are clustered in SGS Life Science Services.

For failure and damage analysis SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS also has an interdisciplinary team of material scientists, physicists, chemists and engineers who specialise in resolving problems in this rather peripheral area of these industries.

The particular strength of the team lies in its creativity and flexibility. This team, in close collaboration with SGS Life Science Services, has developed and continues to expand a relevant spectrum of services based on customers‘ requirements.

Our range of services:

Examples of our services for companies in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries:

  • Detailed, high resolution clarification of the geometry, the microstructure and the chemical composition of capsules and pellets (e.g. expert opinions within the scope of patent law disputes in court cases)
  • Particle analysis of liquids, gases and solid surfaces (e.g. infusion solutions, disposable syringes), also according to FDA regulations; identification of particle sources
  • Approval tests, fault analyses and special analysis of medical technology and sanitary products; expert opinions for court cases
  • Fault analyses of packaging materials and machines used in pharmaceutical production
  • Special analysis of cosmetics as well as skin and hair samples
  • Control and evaluation of cleaning/surface treatments of metals, plastics, glass
  • Analyses for the siliconisation of glass surfaces

Details about the results of surface analyses: Identification of topographical changes, inorganic compounds, lubricant residues, surfactants, polymer compounds, additives, silicones and pharmaceutical active agents.


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