Materials, Surfaces, Coatings

Material properties are not just determined by the material volume, but also to a great extent by surface properties and coatings. Compounds of different materials, surface treatments and coatings increase the mechanical strength and resistance to corrosion and wear and tear of materials and products. Therefore, for a complete material characterisation, methods of modern surface and thin layer analytics also have to be employed in addition to traditional materials testing and analysis methods on the material volume.

It is important that these results are evaluated by qualified specialists with knowledge in the field of material and technology in addition to analytical expertise.

This constellation is particularly available in the Business Line with its interdisciplinary team and use of the laboratories of the entire SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS.

Our range of services:

Determination of all relevant chemical and physical parameters on materials/composite materials, surfaces and coatings/coating systems of solid materials.

Parameter groups (material volume, surfaces, layers):

  • Chemical composition (also organic materials) incl. trace constituents, lateral and vertical distribution of elements and compounds
  • Mechanical properties
  • Crystal structure/texture
  • Topography
  • Layer thickness, layer systems, layer adhesion etc.

Testing and analysis methods:

All essential methods of materials analysis according to standards, delivery specifications, etc. as well as modern surface and thin layer analytics


Holistic evaluation of the analysis and test results, taking account of constructional details, manufacturing processes, conditions of use and databases, etc.


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