Fault Simulation, Tests

Subsequent to clarifying the causes of fault and damage on automotive components in particularly important cases, many of our customers commission us to simulate the fault/damage in the laboratory to back up the findings.

An increasing number of companies decides to let special ageing tests and simulations carry out over and above the stipulated media tests and standard tests before faults and damage occur. In this context, special stress tests and other tests that take account of extreme usage conditions have to be considered also.

Because of our detailed knowledge of the fault and damage mechanisms in automotive components, the Business Line Automotive is particularly suited to carry out and evaluate simulations and special tests in this area.

Our range of services:

  • Developing test conditions in collaboration with the customer
  • Constructing and setting up/upgrading the necessary hardware, software developments, etc.
  • Testing and analysing the aged products
  • Evaluations, expert opinions

Examples of simulations and tests

  • Media tests on engine components
  • Ageing of plastics under mechanical, chemical and thermal stress conditions to determine the causes of embrittle- ment, softening or particle emission
  • Ageing electrical contact systems with and without wiring under various media and temperatures to understand the formation of insulating layers on contacts or conducting coatings on insulators
  • Examining the effects of the migration and degradation of silicones on electrical contact systems
  • Thermal and mechanical stress of bonded connections
  • Simulating corrosion damage
  • Executing and evaluating cleaning experiments


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