Emissions (Car interior Materials)

Safety and quality are among the demands placed on modern materials used in the automotive industry. Continuous improvements in the products and components are the declared objectives of all car manufacturers and a justified desire of end consumers. These require continuous control during the development of parts and system components, beginning with the raw material right through to the end product itself. The close collaboration between qualified,independent testing laboratories and automotive component suppliers guarantees that the car manufacturers' requirements in terms of initial sample testing and serial sample testing are fulfilled. Qualified solutions are our business. With 155 years of experience in the field of analytics behind it, SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS guarantees you security and reliability so that you can focus on your core business.

SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS has clustered many different functional competencies for the automotive industry in CTS Automotive. Functional and methodological expertise in several functional disciplines is necessary to offer solutions from one source - no matter how complex the problem is. A special feature: SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS CTS Automotive has a flexible accreditation - suited to every new method that is introduced.

We are accepted by many car manufacturres, which is reflected in our numerous approvals and recommendations.

Our services (excerpts):

  • Chamber test according to BMW GS 97014- 2 ("CARB test")
  • Chamber test according to BMW GS 97014- 3 ("Summer test")
  • Chamber test according to VDA 276
  • Emission test according to VDA 277 (TVOC)
  • Emission test according to VDA 278 (VOC and FOG)
  • Special emission test according to Toyota specification TSMO 509 G
  • Hot light fastness, hot light ageing tests (Xenotester)
  • Ageing under weathering conditions, e.g. according to DIN EN ISO
  • Sun simulation according to DIN 75220
  • Storage tests, thermal shock tests, salt spray tests
  • Fogging tests according to DIN and manufacturers' specifications
  • Olfactometric tests
  • Determination of flame retardants (Directive 2002/95/EU)
  • Burning behaviour tests
  • Determination of acryl nitrile, 1,3-butadien and styrene content in ABS
  • Emission tests, e.g. determination of formaldehyde, ketones, amines and
  • Heavy metal determination according to the end-of-life vehicle directive (Directive 200/53/EG)
  • Chemical and mechanical resistance tests
  • Development-accompanying, client-oriented tests

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Toyota Certification "Material emission test"

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