Corrosion is the undesired chemical reaction of a material with surrounding media. It can have considerable negative effects on the appearance and function of a product, which can in some cases lead to complete malfunction. A prerequisite for the elimination and prevention of corrosion damage is to determine the causes of the corrosion. These could lie in constructional details, unsuitable materials or compound materials, inadequate corrosion protection or in the conditions under which the product is used.

The Business Line Automotive has an extensive knowledge of materials and engineering in combination with a large variety of testing and analysis methods available, e.g. also for media tests. Besides clarifying the causes of corrosion, SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS provides comprehensive supporting services in corrosion issues from experienced materials scientists and engineers.

Our range of services:

Determining the causes of corrosion damage:

  • Analysis of corrosion phenomena (pitting, intercrystalline corrosion…)
  • Testing the chemical composition and structure of the corrosion products
  • Characterization of materials in regard to corrosion-promoting phenomena
  • Analysis of structure, thickness, chemical composition and the present condition of corrosion-inhibiting surface treatments and coatings
  • Determining corrosion-promoting coatings on material surfaces
  • Analysis of media causing corrosion for aggressive constituents, concen- tration of inhibitors, anti-freeze agents, etc.

Simulation of damage cases in the laboratory:

  • Determining the cause of damage from the corrosion products
  • Determining the cause of damage from the behaviour of the materials
  • Simulation by ageing

Supporting services in selecting materials and protective systems for stipulated areas of use:

  • Electrochemical corrosion tests according to DIN 50918 and DIN 50919
  • Laboratory tests/chemical corrosion tests according to DIN 50905 Parts 1-4


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