Contaminants and Particles

During their processing and utilisation life cycle all solid technical surfaces are contaminated to a greater or lesser extent by inorganic or organic substances or particles (residual contamination). Contaminants can alter the cross-linking behaviour, friction properties, electrical conductivity, corrosion potential or optical properties of a material surface. This can have a negative effect at various production stages or may even contribute to the product malfunctioning at a later date when in use.

SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS has all modern processes for analysing organic and inorganic contaminants and particles at its disposal.

The institute also has extensive expertise in regard to the damage relevance of contaminants, for determining the sources of the contaminants and for minimising or eliminating the contaminants.

Our range of services:

Localising, identifying and quantifying 2-dimensional and particular contaminants on solids, in gases, liquids, fats, adhesives, identifying the sources of contamination.

Important parameters to be measured:

Size/size distribution, location/spatial distribution, quantity (surface or volume density), morphology, chemical composition…


  • Separation, special preparations
  • Imaging/element analysis with light-optical microscopy and ESEM/EDX
  • Counting and measuring using digital image processing; statistical evaluation
  • Counting with laser diffraction
  • Identification of all elements and especially organic compounds with TOF-SIMS
  • FT-IR spectroscopy including ATR and microspectrometry

Particles are found on and in solids, in layers, in lubrication and cooling liquids, adhesives, cleaning agents, beverages, on electrical contacts, printing plates, filters, packaging materials, in gases and as powder or dust.


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