Testing areas of the Automotive Testhouse Herten

Emission testing

Component testing

  • Emission determination in a 1m³ emission chamber
  • Emission determination in a Tedlar Bag (from 0.2l to 2000l)
  • Emission determination in a Microchamber
  • Static emission measurement using the headspace method

Material testing

  • Determination of VOC by thermodesorption (VDA278)
  • Determination of Total VOC (TVOC)
  • Determination of fogging behaviour (gravimemetric and reflective)

Testing of individual components

  • Determination of aldehydes and ketones
  • Determination of 1,3-butadiens
  • Determination of BTHX
  • Determination of phthalates

Determination of the olfactory behavior

  • Material and chamber testing
    Approved panel with up to 10 years of experience

Resistance testing

Environmental simulation

  • Temperature resistance test
    • from -70°C to +250°C
  • Climate resistance test
    • from -70°C to +180°C and from 10% to 99% rel. humidity
    • for ramps up to 5K per minute
  • Thermal shock resistance testing
  • Sun simulation test
    • from 1m³ to 14 m³ chamber volume
    • if necessary incl. test box
    • if necessary, incl. sample chamber
  • UV and hot light fastness or hot light aging test
    • xenotest test equipment (300nm to 420nm)
    • Air and water cooled
  • Corrosion resistance test
    • Salt spray test (NSS, CASS, AASS), condensing water climates
    • Kesternichtest, filiform test, corrosion change test



Surface resistance testing

Plastic surfaces

  • Chemical resistance test
  • Determination of the contamination or cleaning behaviour
  • Scrubbing, scratching and friction testing (Abrex, Taber, Crockmeter)
  • Cross cut testing
  • Fingernail and shoe sole test
  • Determination of resistance to environmental stress cracking 

Attachments (exterior)

  • Determination of multi impact stone chip resistance
  • Testing of resistance to pressure water jetting
  • Car-wash-test
  • Ball Drop Test

Seats, carpets, textiles

  • Air permeability test
  • Martindale test
  • Soiling behavior and cleaning ability



Determination of burning behaviour

  • Burning test (vertical and horizontal combustion test)
  • Glow-wire flammability test



Visual and metrological assessment of resistance tests

  • Colour measurement, gloss testing
  • Layer thickness measurement (microscopy, coulorimetry, magnetic method)
  • Assessment of environmental simulation tests
  • Assessment of surface loads

Mechanical material testing


Tensile, compression, impact and bending test

  • to Dynstat, Charpy and Izod up to 100kN and different temperatures
    if necessary, incl. strain gauges (DMS)

Hardness test

  • Determination of Shore A, B and D hardness
  • Determination of IRHD hardness

Chemical and physical material testing

Materials: thermoplastics, duromers, elastomers, foams, composites (GRP, CFRP), textiles, light metals

  • Material identification by IR spectroscopy
  • Determination of Vicat softening temperature
  • Determination of thermodynamic parameters (DSC)
  • Determination of ash content
  • Determination of water content
  • Determination of water vapour permeability / air permeability
  • Determination of mass and density

Coordinate measurement technology

  • 3-D scan
  • Photogrammmetry

Other benefits

Specimen production and test preparation

  • Injection moulding
  • Sample preparation and mechanical processing (cutting, sawing, milling, punching

Photo documentation

  • Photo documentation from delivery to evaluation by means of digital SLR cameras under daylight (D65), incl. colour control card


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