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The requirements of the automotive industry on the safety and quality of modern materials are huge. Manufacturers want to continuously improve products and components, which requires continuous inspection and verification of components, system components and materials. From raw materials to the final product, from development to production. Only close cooperation between car manufacturers and qualified, independent testing laboratories guarantees that all the requirements of car manufacturers are met.

For all these requirements, the Automotive Testhouse of SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS is the competent partner and the independent interface between supplier and OEM. The high acceptance of our services is reflected in the numerous approvals and recommendations of the OEM.

From raw materials to components - everything from a single source

The SGS Automotive Testhouse offers all important tests, determinations, identifications, simulations, as well as test and project planning for developments, initial sample tests and series monitoring up to the evaluation and interpretation of results, from a single source.

Flexible accreditation in category 1 and 2

Flexibly accredited test laboratories are authorised to modify existing methods, with category 2 accreditation being the highest level of accreditation.

The SGS Automotive Testhouse is flexibly accredited in both category 1 and category 2. For you as a customer, this means: Development of methods, tailored to your needs, with simultaneous accreditation.

International support for OEMs worldwide

In addition to all German OEMs, this also includes Scandinavian and American car manufacturers. The SGS Automotive Testhouse is the only European testing institute to have approvals for Asian OEMs, using methods specifically tailored to this market.

International support for SGS Automotive Laboratories

SGS as a global company offers tests for the automotive market all over the world. Globally active companies set a uniform quality standard in their production plants. The testing institute of the producing country should also understand this culture. As a Global Competence Center, the SGS Automotive Testhouse offers services such as qualifications or internal audits. The aim is to standardise the quality of the test institutes at a high level and to tailor them to the requirements of the car manufacturer.

Approvals of car manufacturers

The SGS Automotive Testhouse is listed among all well-known car manufacturers and offers coverage of complete test programs according to the delivery specifications.

Approvals / Accreditations

  • DIN EN ISO 17025 incl. category 2 flexibly accredited
  • Laboratory service provider at VW
  • Class A Laboratory (Daimler)
  • Approval for all European and Japanese OEMs



For more information: Testing areas of the Automotive Testhouse Herten


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