3D Computer Tomography/Radioscopy

  • You obtain information about the inner structure of your product, thus guarante- eing more transparency.
  • Almost all types of three-dimensional faults can be detected without damaging the valuable samples.
  • Different magnifications and a wide choice of X-ray energies allow the investigation of many different materials and geometries.
  • The relatively high speed of radioscopy allows series of samples to be investigated at an acceptable cost.
  • Radioscopy facilitates and simplifies any destructive analyses that may be necessary.
  • Documentation of imaging data in conventional formats (TIFF, GIF, JPEG etc.), so that you can integrate this into your presentations.
  • A 3D tomographic investigation can be carried out on the sample to provide a quantitative spatial record of its entire geometry.

Our range of services:

With the help of a modern microfocus X-ray system, which is equipped with an innovative X-ray detector system in amorphous silicon technology, we produce high-resolution radiograms of materials and components. On this basis we prepare a three-dimensional, computer-tomographic reconstruction of the sample volume.

System specification

  • 225 KeV microfocus x-ray tube
  • Focal spot less as 10 µm
  • Flat panel detector with 1024 x 1024 pixels and 0.4 mm pitch
  • Sample size: 10x10x10 mm3 to 250x250x250 mm3
  • Resolution less as 5 µm
  • 3D tomography

Thematic focuses

Non-destructive testing of

  • Diesel soot filters/catalytic converters
  • Electronic PCBs and BGA soldering points/bond wires
  • Cast modules
  • Ceramics
  • Light metal cast parts
  • Injection moulded plastics
  • Microstructures

Typical industries

  • Automotive
  • Light metal casting
  • Electrical engineering/electronics
  • Microstructure technology
  • Medical technology
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Building materials/building industry

3-D Folder


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