Photobiology / Sunscreen Testing

In the field of photobiology, we offer a wide range of in vivo as well as in vitro tests that are performed in accordance with the latest guidelines by Cosmetics Europe (formerly COLIPA) or International Standards (ISO guidelines).

Determination of Sun Protection Factors

  • In vivo sun protection factor (SPF) determination according to the International SPF Test Method (Cosmetics Europe, formerly COLIPA) and the ISO guideline (ISO 24444:2010)

Determination of Water Resistance

  • Water-resistant properties (whirl pool, water curtain) according to COLIPA 2005

Determination of UVA Protection Factors

  • in vitro: ISO 24443:2012 and Boots Star Rating (2011 Revision), Australian Standard, Diffey

Sun Protection at the Cellular Level

  • Photo-aging (elastic fibers and collagen destruction in vivo)
  • UV-induced immunosuppression (Langerhans cells and functionality of the skin immune system)
    Langerhans cells
  • UV-induced immunomodulation (expression of inflammatory and immunoregulatory cytokines in vivo and in vitro)
  • Sunburn cell formation (in vivo and in vitro)
  • Immunohistological analyses of UV-induced DNA-damage in vivo and in vitro (detection of thymine dimers or 8-oxo-guanine as a measure for DNA damage in the nuclei of keratinocytes)
  • Detection of biomarkers for oxidative stress in the interstitial fluid by ELISA (8-isoprostane as a marker for lipid peroxidation, carbonyl proteins as marker for protein oxidation)
  • Expression of metallo-proteinases (MMPs)
  • Pigmentation and whitening (effect on melanogenesis)

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