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National and international legislations on cosmetics require that every efficacy claim of cosmetic products such as long-lasting moisturization and anti-aging effects should be substantiated scientifically.
We are equipped with state-of-the-art biophysical instruments to substantiate not only standard claims related to skin moisture and elasticity on healthy skin but also specific claims in the field of problematic skin (e.g. impure facial skin) as well as on scalp, hair, nails and much more.

In the following, you will find a list of parameters and instrumentation that may be of interest for your individual claim support:

Standard Biophysics

  • Skin moisture (Corneometer®, SkiCon®, DermaLab®)
  • Skin moisture on the scalp (DermaLab®)
  • Evaporative Waterloss (DermaLab®, Aquaflux®)
    • Skin barrier integrity (trans epidermal water loss, TEWL)
    • Trans onycheale water loss on fingernails (TOWL)
    • Water holding capacity: Plastic Occlusion Stress Test (POST), Skin Surface Water Loss (SSWL)
    • Skin resilience following tape stripping
  • Sebum production (Sebumeter®, Sebupatch®)
  • Skin radiance / shine (Glossymeter®)
  • Skin roughness (silicon imprints, Primos® in vivo)
  • Skin scaliness (D-Squames®, analysis with SquameScan® or by expert grading)
  • Skin elasticity (Cutometer®, Torquemeter®, Ballistometer®)
  • Reduction of eye wrinkles and fine lines (Primos-CR® by Canfield)
  • Skin whitening, effects on melanogenesis (Siascope®, Mexameter®, Spectrophotometer®)
  • Structure of the dermis such as dermis density and thickness (Ultrasound with DUB® SkinScanner75):
    Analysis of dermis density and thickness

Photo Documentation

  • FotoFinder® mediscope studio consisting of:
  • Canon Powershot digital camera
  • FotoFinder® mediscope software
  • Lens D-Scope I (microphotography, 7-35x magnification)
  • Lens D-Scope II (macrophotography, 40x magnification)
  • Veinscope with polarization filter and custom-built spacer with integrated color range
  • Portrait stand
  • VISIA-CR® System (portrait)
    • Image analysis by external partners

Subjective and expert evaluation

  • Acne reduction: lesion count, lesion size and redness (visual assessment, Colorimetry/Spectrophotometer®, Mexameter®, VISIA-CR®, FotoFinder® System)
  • Deep-pore cleansing effect of cosmetic products and/or devices (high-resolution photography and expert assessment):
    High resolution photography
  • Hair growth (trichogram, length and thickness)
  • Nail growth and quality (brittleness, histology, leukonychia etc.)
  • Subjective evaluation of product performance
  • Anti-inflammatory effects (UV erythema model, SDS model)
  • Peeling (exfoliating) effect
  • Clinical / expert grading – live or of photographs
  • Improvement of visual perception of facial skin

Additional Study Procedures

  • Lipid barrier by stripping with Lipbarvis® in cooperation with Microscopy Services Dähnhardt GmbH:
    non-invasional sampling non-invasive sampling
  • Anti-pollution as UV/smoke model (analyis of markers such as MMPs and/or interleukins using ELISA or analysis of the lipid barrier using REM, TEM, HPTLC, in cooperation with Microscopy Services Dähnhardt GmbH)
  • Microbiom analysis in cooperation with external partners
  • Anti-aging (telomer length) in cooperation with Life Length
  • Axillary studies (shaving, visual assessment)
  • Shaving / depilation / epilation procedures
  • Decorative cosmetics
  • Cleansing efficacy of cosmetics / cosmetic devices
  • Diaper studies (newborns and babies)
  • Oral food supplement studies (e.g. cellulite by ultrasound measurements and Primos® in vivo)
  • Rinse-off studies (short- and long-term kinetics)
  • Leave-on studies with kinetics and regression phases
  • In-use studies
  • Cooling effects
  • Regenerative effect / cell renewal (DHA method)
  • Natural moisturizing factor (e.g. urea analytics)
  • Biochemical / molecular biological analysis

Dermatological Mode of Action (in vivoex vivoin vitro)

  • Non-invasive via suction blister biopsies (e.g. collagen, interleukines, oxidative stress, cell proliferation, stem cell activity, histology etc.)
  • Invasive via punch biopsies (e.g. histology, molecular biology etc.)

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